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Wandsworth Family Learning Festival 21-25 October 2019

If your mission is to save the planet or to shoot a Hollywood blockbuster, then your next stop is Wandsworth Family Learning Festival!


The Family Learning Festival inspires a love of learning in family life. It takes place every October and is the biggest festival celebrating and valuing learning as a family. It’s a national celebration to mark and inspire a love of learning in family life. It takes place in October every year.


In Wandsworth there are a series of Family Learning workshops taking place between the 21st and 25th October.


Further info and bookings:


Learning as a family can help us to become confident, lifelong learners with all the benefits that brings – from better health to being happier. Family learning supports children to achieve at school. It can be transformative, helping us to find new passions and interests, and realise our aspirations through further learning.


The Festival is co-ordinated by the Campaign for Learning, the national charity that aims to build a culture of learning everywhere.

04 Oct 2019

Santino Fragola
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