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Pete Gaskin – Retiring on 31 March 2020 and succession

Dear Colleagues 


As some of you may know I am retiring at the end of this month now that I am 61 years old.

I need two new knees and possibly a hip! But I think it important to set out the succession put in place to make sure services to schools continue to meet your requirements.

Consequently,  Gary Hipple will take over my duties as Head of Service.

Reporting to him will be:-

Brendan Ryan                   Schools HR

Lewis Brunton                   School Support (including Catering and Cleaning contracts)

Alex Purssey                      Schools ICT and Libraries Services

Janet Goring                      Literacy and Numeracy

Dan White                         Head of the Music Service will become a charity organisation from 1 April 2020

As you already know Michael has taken over the responsibility for Special Education Needs Transport.

On a personal note I will miss the many colleagues and friends I have made over the 15 years I have worked in Wandsworth.  I’ve seen off the GLC and ILEA, came through Westminster Council and Wandsworth Council.  Children’s Services and Education will continue to flourish as the Headteachers, school staff and staff within the Council are dedicated to children, their safety and education.

I had planned to have a leaving celebration but in these difficult times I am postponing this for a few months.  I hope that I will get the opportunity to say goodbye to as many as possible but thank you it has been a privilege to work with you all.

Fond Regards

Pete Gaskin

24 Mar 2020

Pete Gaskin
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