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Daily attendance register

Dear Colleague,

I hope all is well in these strange and difficult times. 
With the new arrangements in place since Monday we are aware that each school has been asked to use a spreadsheet to collect attendance of pupils and to provide the summary to the DfE daily.

To support you as schools we would like to use the child level attendance information to ensure that we are supporting all vulnerable children across the borough. We would use your attendance information to cross reference those who are known to social care to give an overall borough picture of numbers of children identified as vulnerable across the borough and understand current numbers of pupils attending each school. This will enable the local authority to understand groups of children across Wandsworth and help us to work with you to provide the best support.

This would initially be a one off exercise, from which we will aggregate analysis across the borough to feed back to you, then look at the best approach moving forward.

To make this as easy as possible we would simply ask that you send us your DfE attendance spreadsheet that you are currently completing as of end of day Tuesday 24th March, using your secure LGFL email, to reu@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk. If you do not have an LGFL account you can send via Egress to shemira.jetha@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk

If you have not been entering pupil level information into the DfE Excel template, we would kindly request that you send us the information in whatever format you have available.

Ideally we would need the full list of all vulnerable or key worker children, with the attendance information as appropriate for those coming into school.  If you have the full list held separately, we would ask that you send the full list back to us as well as the DfE attendance template / list of those attending so far this week. By getting as full a picture as possible from across the borough we can
ensure that all children are getting the support they need.

Our Research and Evaluation Unit will be undertaking analysis and ensuring the information you provide is used appropriately (as they would currently with your school census information).

If you have any questions about the process for submitting data please contact Nicola Smith (020 8871 7652) or Shemira Jetha (020 8871 8749).

Any other questions please go get in touch with me.


Andy Hough

Head of Participation and Performance

24 Mar 2020

Andy Hough
Info for Schools
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