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Research on intake of fruit and vegetables for children aged 5-7 yrs to inform and improve the Public Health Healthy Eating agenda

My name is Chloë Bannerman and I am a Project Officer for the Public Health team at Wandsworth Council.


I am embarking upon some research around the intake of fruit and vegetables for children aged 5 to 7 years to inform and improve the work we do as a Public Health team on the Healthy Eating agenda. 


I would very much appreciate it if all schools could please circulate the attached information to parents and carers of 5 to 7-year olds. I understand times are difficult right now and schools and parents are busy; this is a time sensitive project designed to help parents and carers during the COVID pandemic and I do hope that you are able to help in supporting this work. 

21 May 2020

Chloe Bannerman
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