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We know a whole family approach works best and each member of the team has their own specialist area of knowledge, experience and interest in the broader issues that can affect a parent's ability to ensure their child's regular attendance at school

Thank you for considering the Education Welfare Service (EWS) as your school improvement partner working with you to promote and achieve good and outstanding attendance and punctuality.

The EWS is Experienced, Well-regarded and Skilled and always goes the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. 

We aim to provide a bespoke service across the full range of support available and, if there is something you need that isn't contained within our current product, please do get in touch to discuss. 

We have listened to our customers, who tell us they prefer an easy to understand list of the types of support to choose from that best meets their needs.

So, this year, we have combined the features of last year's Basic, Standard and Premium package to create one, simple product, Standard Plus. This package contains a range of new features, in addition to those already available, such as:

Training and continuing professional development (CPD)
NEW - Free places at attendance network meetings
NEW - Free bespoke EHITS training

Direct work with children and parents/carers
NEW - Attendance and participation in one School Council meeting per year to promote Pupil Voice
NEW – Anti-bullying parent sessions
NEW – Anti-bullying assemblies

Policy, strategy and quality assurance
NEW - Attendance and participation in one governing body meeting per year
NEW - Case progression quality assurance conducted by service managers with feedback to support practice learning
NEW – Anti-bullying policy reviews
NEW - Annual attendance reviews to comprehensively support schools with compliance and good policy and practice development
NEW - Support with developing school attachment strategies
NEW - One joint case supervision session conducted in school per year
NEW - Access to group supervision sessions for attendance leads/officers to progress ‘stuck’ cases      



Products List

Available products are tailored to your type of educational setting. When you login, and if this service has appropriate products for your organisation, you will see the full range available. If you don't see any (suitable) services please get in touch using the Service Contacts.

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